Riiko Sakkinen | Paintings | Curry Flavor
 Cup Noodle Wars
Curry Flavor
Cup Noodle Wars
September 2007, Cervera de los Montes
174 x 174 cm
Acrylic color, enamel color, pigment, pencil, permanent marker, ball point pen and acrylic varnish on canvas
i The figure is from Curry Flavored E-Men instant cup noodle produced by the Hong Kong brand Doll.

The Chinese text reads "stalking and surveillance is despicable", originally printed on a t-shirt of a Chinese dissident.

The small text on the left reads: Bombay Cup Noodle Robot. Height 3.2m. Weight 758kg. Speed: Supersonic. Identity: Mixed bomb. Weapons: Jumpin' M16, Kala-shnikov, vacuum bomb, vacuum cleaner, psycho wave, radioactive sushi, mustard gas, anti-pizza gun, poisoned döner kebap, tortilla envenenada.

Lavapiés is the focal point for immigrant populations in Madrid, particularly Chinese, Arabs and people from the Indian subcontinent.

Helsinki City Art Museum.
Tags: cup noodles, war, Hong Kong, China, bomb, dim sum, ham, curry