The Manifesto of Turborealism

  1. Turborealism is the only real art movement of the 21st century.
  2. Art is a weapon and weapons can change the world.
  3. All other art is unnecessary and outdated.
  4. All other artists are selling used cars. Turborealism sells car bombs and we are going to have our bombs in every museum and every bank.
  5. Turborealism is against your regime and its ass-lickers.
  6. Turborealism is against the globalized capitalism and all other capitalisms.
  7. Turborealism shows the mechanisms and meanings of capitalism with a mocking verisimilitude.
  8. After seeing Turborealism you can’t go home. You can’t go to a hypermarket. There is no way back.
  9. Turborealism will be against post-capitalism, and we will be the first artists interned in its camps.
  10. We will be smashed but you can’t kill our turbo boosted ideas
( June 2010 )