Riiko Sakkinen | A4 Drawings | My Favorite Military Operations
My Favorite Military Operations
August 2018, Helsinki
A4 (29,7 x 21,0 cm)
Watercolor, acrylic color, felt-tip pen, permanent marker, pencil, color pencil, stickers, collage and ink-jet print on paper
i G.I. Joe refers to U.S. soldiers. The term G.I. has been used as an initialism of "Government Issue" or "General Issue", but it originally referred to "galvanized iron", as used by the logistics services of the United States Armed Forces.

Bazooka is a brand of bubble gum introduced in 1947 featuring the character Bazooka Joe. Bazooka is the common name for a man-portable recoilless anti-tank rocket launcher weapon, widely fielded by the United States Army.

Private collection, Helsinki.
Tags: bazooka, Joe, USA, war, army, bubblegum, operation, list