Riiko Sakkinen | A4 Drawings | Extra Choco Communist Cypriot Sheriff
Extra Choco Communist Cypriot Sheriff
23 November 2009, Cervera de los Montes
A4 (29,7 x 21,0 cm)
Water color, acrylic color, pencil, color pencil, felt-tip pen and adhesive label on paper
i The communist Progressive Party of Working People is (as in 2010) the biggest party in Cyprus.

Communism is a social structure in which classes are abolished and property is commonly controlled, as well as a political philosophy and social movement that advocates and aims to create such a society

The sheriff figure is Larry, the mascot of Golden Choice Extra Choco Loops produced by the Cypriot company Frou Frou Cereals.

The list contains weapons operated by the Cypriot National Guard.

Private collection, Amsterdam.
Tags: Cyprus, Communism, sheriff, chocolate