Riiko Sakkinen | A4 Drawings | You Deserve Tomato
You Deserve Tomato
23 June 2009, Cervera de los Montes
A4 (29,7 x 21,0 cm)
Water color, acrylic color, pencil, color pencil, ballpoint pen and felt tip pen on paper
i Tomato is a herbaceous, usually sprawling plant in the Solanaceae or nightshade family that is typically cultivated for the purpose of harvesting its fruit for human consumption. Sometimes tomatoes are thrown at stage performers if a performance is particularly bad.

Bloody Mary is a popular cocktail containing vodka, tomato juice, and usually other spices or flavorings such as Worcestershire sauce.

The image is from tomato juice juice of Hacendado, a private brand of the Spanish Mercadona supermarket chain.
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