Riiko Sakkinen | Other Drawings | Death Train
Death Train
December 2016, Pepino

Janury 2017, Mänttä
172 x 121 cm
Giclee print, permanent marker and sticker on paper
i The Eurostar train connects Continental Europe with London. It travels in the Channel Tunnel that crosses the English Channel under the sea. Several migrants have lost their lives on the roof of a train and in the tunnel while trying to get to Great Britain.

Death train can refer to the trains with which the Nazis transported people to camps in the 1940s when Adolf Hitler ruled in Europe; it can also refer to Mexican freight trains on which half a million Central American migrants travel on the sly towards the USA every year.

Serlachius Museums, Mänttä.
Tags: Eurostar, train, immigration, death, France, UK