Riiko Sakkinen | Other Drawings | African All Star
African All Star
December 2016, Pepino

January 2017, Mänttä
172 x 121 cm
Giclee print, enamel and permanent marker on paper
i The five-pointed black star symbolises Africa and its culture. The star is represented, for example, on the flag of Ghana.

Converse All Star sneakers were launched as basketball shoes a hundred years ago. Today, they are popular shoes in many subcultures.

Screws that help climbing over border fences have been fastened to the sole. Immigrants use screw shoes of this kind when trying to get into the Spanish exclaves Ceuta and Melilla. The hand hook hanging from the shoe is also used for climbing over a fence.

Serlachius Museums, Mänttä.
Tags: Africa, Spain, Ceuta, Melilla, Converse, shoe, star, fence, border