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Refreshing Molotov Cocktails Out Of Date - Face Lifting And Bacon Rurger


28 January 2013, Cervera de los Montes

Nobody in the art school told me to write a an artist's statement but it was clear after graduating that it was needed for applying funding, grants and projects. I've used the following statement since 2006 when I launched my website. Now it feels expired and I don't agree with it's ambiguity. It says that my art is about the real world but without any commitment and responsibility. In the past few years, my attitude has changed radically but, curiously, I still could sign the works of that time though now I believe in Mayakovsky's words: Art is not a mirror to reflect the world, but a hammer with which to shape it.

Artist's Statement, 2006

I make art out of everyday life, including special offers and car bombs, exotic cocktails and Molotov cocktails, cleaning the house and ethnic cleansing, fast food and Blitzkrieg.

I find my materials in the TV news (demonstration banners demanding more freedom), flyers put under windscreen wipers (earn money without a job), advertisements in newspapers (blow job without a condom), and breakfast cereal boxes (chocolate super hero eats his children).

I do drawings, but cannot draw. I do paintings, but cannot paint. I do other things, too, but cannot do that either. It is a tragedy, but tragedies are appreciated in Arts.

I always disagree. I am always wrong.

Playback President  - Beyonce And Barack Superstars


24 January 2013, Cervera de los Montes

Some people are complaining that R&B diva Beyoncé lip-synched The Star-Spangled Banner at U.S. President Barack Obama's public inauguration ceremony.

The singer was accompanied by the Marine Corps band, whose spokesperson said that each piece of music scheduled for performance in the Inauguration is pre-recorded for use in case of freezing temperatures, equipment failure or extenuating circumstances. Obama, the commander-in-chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, plays it safe in all the operations. The combat drones killing civilians are the lip-sync of war.

Playback is the essence of the American government. The name or  the color (both the skin and the political party) of the leader don't make any difference - the aggressive and arrogant imperialism continues.

Capitalist Totalitarianism - Capi


22 January 2013, Cervera de los Montes

Totalitarianism is traditionally described as a political system where the state holds total authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of the public life, including the economy, the education, the arts, the science, and the private life of the citizens.

Now, replace the words “state” and “regime” with “corporations” and “market” and you picture the status quo. The capitalist totalitarianism seeks to mobilize the entire population of the world in the support of the official consumerism (replacing ideologyies), and it is intolerant of activities which are not directed towards the goals of the market. The consumption and its propaganda (they call it advertising) penetrate into the deepest reaches of the societal structure and the corporations aims to control the thoughts and the actions of the consumers (called citizens in the Oldspeak).

Abkhaz (and earlier Soviet) author Fazil Iskander has written that “under the totalitarian regime, it was as if you were forced to live in the same room with an insanely violent man”. This quote describes perfectly how I feel about living my daily life in the capitalist totalitarianism – the aggressive corporations live in my refrigerator and in my underwear. Even the barrier device I wear in the most intimate moments of my life under the sheets is branded and claims to help me to get a firmer erection and increase my penis size. What else could we ask for?

Profane Capitalism - Mcdonald's


17 January 2013, Cervera de los Montes

McDonald's has launched a campaign which gives to its customers an opportunity to design on-line their favorite burgers. The most popular ones will be served in their fast-food restaurants. I created a sandwich which I named Spicy Hot Capitalism. Now I received the following message from McDonald's:

Greetings! Your suggestion for the world's best burger has been rejected due to the improper name containing dirty language.

Essentially, to me "capitalism" is a very dirty word but it's surprising that McDonald's Corporations considers it profane too.

Homelessness Fair - Homeless Architecture


15 January 2013, Cervera de los Montes

When I'm not drawing, I'm working on the big curatorial project that takes place next summer at Hyvinkää Art Museum in Finland.

An art event in Hyvinkää focusing on homelessness
June 14 - September 1
Organised by Hyvinkää Artists' Society and Hyvinkää Art Museum

Since 1998, the Hyvinkää Artists' Society has organised a contemporary art event Taju in Hyvinkää. The Homelessness Fair is the 13th Taju, and it introduces a whole new exhibition concept to the Finnish art scene.

The curators of Homelessness Fair are artists Jani Leinonen and Riiko Sakkinen. They have invited to Hyvinkää different institutions and NGOs organisations involved with homelessness The context is art, which at its best is a meeting place of different approaches and viewpoints.

The Homelessness Fair is an antithesis to the Housing Fair that is held in Hyvinkää also next summer . The Housing Fair focuses on housing technology and the stylishness of interior decoration without problematising the political and social dimensions of homelessness. In other words, The Homelessness Fair is a forum which creates discussion about what homelessness is and how it is defined.

White Things - Monochrome White Painting


14 January 2013, Cervera de los Montes

I'm drawing white things: Snow White, milk, semen, cocaine, white skin, White Army, cumulus cloud, ivory, lamb, absolute monarchy, Real Madrid, bride, ghost, Ku Klux Klan, white trash, white collar, vanilla ice cream, anti-communism, white supremacy, white terror, egg white, white bread, China white heroin, white teeth, the Pope, baby powder, baking powder, cosmic latte, white lie, white pages, white Russian, white lightning, whiteout, white slavery, white rabbit, white elephant, white knight, white noise, white flag and the White House.

Snow In Syria - Snow In Damascus


10 January 2013, Cervera de los Montes

Riiko: How is the situation in Damascus

Iman: We've had no electricity at home for three days, only in my office we have power sometimes. It has been snowing since yesterday, today people are playing in snow and the schools are not open and the exams have been postponed.

Riiko: They could postpone the war for the weather too.

Iman: It's snowing hard but I can hear the sound of explosions and the fighter jets. At least people are enjoying with the snow a bit even though it`s soooo cold.

Riiko: You still don't want to leave?

Iman: My brother and me are planning to visit Beirut next week. We are thinking about leaving the kids there.

Riiko: I'm chatting to Homs too, people are there happy with the snow, too.

Iman: I`m sure, I know what snowing means to Syrians,
they stop everything to play.

Riiko: Even the salafists?

Iman: I don't have any salafi friend, I can't be sure.

Riiko: White snow is obscene on a black burqa.

Iman: I agree. The salafi don't play usually, so I don`t think they like snow.

: A snowball fight would be good.

Iman: Did you see the picture of the snowball fight with my niece?

Riiko: Yes, looked like lots of fun!

Iman: I'm Syrian and I'm fighting now.

Friends Of The American People - American Flag


08 January 2013, Cervera de los Montes

I have established the Group of Friends of the American People which is an international collective of people, countries and bodies convening periodically on the topic of the United States.

The Friends of the American People send a strong and unified message that the Obama regime’s escalating violence is an affront to the international community, a threat to international security, and a grave violation of universal human rights. The violence must end and an anti-imperialist transition begin.

We must stay on the path of peace. We must stand against those leaders, including Obama and his troops, who use violence instead of negotiation. And I am convinced that Obama’s days are numbered. I just regret deeply that there will be more killing before he finally goes.

Best Of 2012 - Dialogue

BEST OF 2012

06 January 2013, Cervera de los Montes

I'm not going to list neither the most annoying parodies of Gangnam Style nor my favorite civilians murdered by the Syrian FSA islamist insurgents during 2012 but as a present from the Three Kings of the Orient (here in Spain, the kids received this morning their Christmas presents) I give you a list of the 12 books I bought last year but didn't read. 

Abdul Abdulhamid: Menstruation
Tariq Ali: The Idea of Communism
Reza Aslan: How to Win a Cosmic War
Ma Jian: Red Dust
Boris Kagarlitsky: Back in the USSR
Wayne Koestenbaum: Hotel Thoery
Malcolm Lowry: Under the Volcano
Catherine Millet:Le jour de Souffrance
Mo Yan: Change
Xiao Lu: Dialogue
Slavoj Žižek: Living in the End of Times
VA: Beirut 39 - New Writing from the Arab World

Delicious Warheads And Creamy Capitalism - Wtf


02 January 2013, Cervera de los Montes

To begin this year at the studio I'm drawing chapelure de biscuits bORdEdOm, extreme sour candy warheads (sent to Syrian Islamist fighters by the CIA), WTF - What's the flavor Israeli breakfast cereals, Fiesta explosive popping candy, fried egg gummi, angel food with Japanese prostitutes, cream and dreams whipped by the bankers and turbo capitalism cremé super moist devil's food. It's going to be a sweet and delicious year!