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Indifferent Conceptual Art - Japanese Only


28 June 2007, Cervera de los Montes

Should art be easy to understand? Or can it be difficult like quantum mechanics or preparing paella? I think of my idol Kippenberger, who is one of the most acclaimed artists and rather difficult too: if you take just one of his paintings or objects, it probably looks boring crap. You must know about art in general and his oeuvre and context to get it. This is how I defended my baseball bat, when my wife said it looks indifferent conceptual art.

She's right (and she knows my work better than anybody else). When you see the black Japanese Mizuno Classic baseball bat, you should think a) baseball ( imported from the United States) is the most popular sport in Japan, b) baseball bat can be used as weapon, c) in Tokyo many brothels have the text Japanese only at their door, d) the text is written with a font inspired by the runic alphabet, e) runic letters were used by Nazis (e.g. two sig runes in SS) and are used by Neo-Nazis, f) there is a Nazi party in Japan (nationalist ideology imported from Germany) - like everywhere else.

Mizuno Classic Mza243 Japanese Only - Tohoku Rakuten Bra


24 June 2007, Cervera de los Montes

I ordered a black Mizuno Classic MZA243 baseball bat. I'll paint on it "Japanese only", the text I saw in Tokyo at the doors of hostess bars and massage parlors. I don't know if yakuzas use baseball bats to beat people. I should see the new Beat Takeshi gangster film.

The Japanese Only club will be part of my Let's Happy Life - Sparkling Girl Brings about a Revolution solo show at Korjaamo, Helsinki, in August. The title is typical Janglish - sounds cool but the meaning is vague. The walls of the gallery will be painted light purple and I'll decorate them with the Louis Vuitton monogram pattern. I think Louis Vuitton + Baseball = Japan.

This is going to be my best show ever but maybe it should be in Tokyo and not in Helsinki, where they don't even have a Louis Vuitton store.

Love Of The Motehrland - Lower Taxes


20 June 2007, Cervera de los Montes

Ilona confirmed that Kiasma, the national museum of contemporary art in Helsinki, has bought seven drawings from the show at Anhava.

It's the dream of every Finnish artist to have his work in that museum but it is particularly important to me. During my studies I worked there as guide and later I was working in a big educational project. The museum has a tough hierarchy and even after many years some curators didn't say hello to me. I wanted so badly to demonstrate to them that I'm an ambitious artist and not just a simple guide.

Another episode was when the museum reserved half of the paintings of my show at Krista Mikkola in 2003 and finally didn't buy anything. Now I don't care what has happened in the past, finally, I feel that I'm appreciated in my motherland.

Campeones - 7


17 June 2007, Cervera de los Montes

Real Madrid is conservative, commercial, corrupted, colonialist, presumptuous, arrogant, greedy, narcissistic, boastful and almost fascist but I love it. My heart is white. Real Madrid won tonight its 30th Spanish League championship. The liberal and politically correct FC Barcelona finished second.

The British Film director Ken Loach says that to support Real Madrid is like supporting Coca-Cola.

Judas,  The Elephant And Miss Spain - My Elephant Wall In Beijing


15 June 2007, Cervera de los Montes

I got a picture of my elephant wall in Beijing from Judas. I think it looks stunning. Much better than what I could paint. I really don't know to paint. So it's a kind of perfect but maybe I'd like to have more control of my work. At least see it better than in a small jpeg. Three of my four wall paintings this year have been painted by assistants when I've been at home.

I met Judas very briefly many years ago in Cuenca. He didn't remember me few weeks ago when I contacted him as his fan. I love his paintings and attitude. We haven't met again but we have a great cyberfriendship. We both like beer and Kippenberger.

I wish I were in China but I like being in Spain today. This is a cool country. Now mothers and transsexuals can be crowned Miss España.

A Blue Elephant With A Hand Grenade - Hand Grenade Fun


14 June 2007, Cervera de los Montes

Yesterday, I was sure that there was not going to be my wall painting in the Dream Palace show in Beijing. Today, I got an e-mail from my Spanish friend Judas, who lives in Beijing and participates in the same show. They are painting it.

The Chinese painter fell down from the scaffold and got hurt but now it's Judas himself who paints it - for free. Or this is what I've understood. Which is not too much.

I think they do on the wall my blue elephant holding a hand grenade. The image is from a Chinese educational children's game.

Uneasy In Beijing - Freedegree Over 25th Story


13 June 2007, Cervera de los Montes

I had some drawings and a wall painting in a group show co-curated by Raul in Beijing some weeks ago. Now The Artist Network's Marc, who was the other co-curator, will include this exhibition in another megashow in Beijing.

I got an e-mail from Beijing, they wanted to send me the bill of the wall painting they did in the first show and asked if I pay it in the next show too. I never promised to pay anything and I'm not going to do it. I think I should be paid for exhibiting my work. Normally, the curators are paid, the gallery managers are paid, the secretaries are paid, the guards are paid and the cleaning ladies are paid. But nobody wants to pay to the artist. There have been exceptions, too. And I don't want to complain about money because I got today €6000 from a nice Finnish foundation. I'd drink some champagne but my doctor has prohibited it.

Actually, Marc e-mailed me that the organizers feel uneasy with my wall painting text Human Rights Damage Our Economy. Finally somebody cares! I feel great. Maybe there will be no uneasy wall painting that nobody wants to pay in this show called Dream Palace.

Sarin Surprise With A Lake View - My Stuff In MÄnttÄ


10 June 2007, Helsinki

This time, Mänttä was awesome. We lived in the modernist Villa Silva built in the 30's and the Michelin-star chef Markus Maulavirta cooked our meals. I really liked his stuff but I think my wife does even more delicious things. My installation at the Art Festival was acceptable, though I didn't get the Kippenberger drawings. I'm showing in Mänttä some used panties and some ceramic plates too. Then I was on the national T.V. news talking about my merchandizing tricolor cap, and I believe that now they will be sold out soon. Anna said that I should do a Riiko Sakkinen perfume for the fall season. Jani suggested for the name Riiko Sakkinen Sarin Surprise but Anna said that she wouldn't use it with that name. Maybe Riiko Sakkinen Vexatious sounds better.

No Kippenberger - Martin Kippenberger


06 June 2007, Helsinki

Bad news: I was supposed to do an installation for Mänttä Art Festival mixing my own and the late Martin Kippenberger's work. Jani's (who curates the show) friend Julie promised to lend us several Kippenbergers and actually she was initially co-curator of the exhibition. Today, she decided not give us any work of my idol and the press conference is tomorrow. This Julie was in the 80's Kippenberger's girlfriend and now she lives in Bermuda, Helsinki and St. Petersburg and works there for the State Hermitage Museum. She's cool and she's got money but I think she's just an asshole. I've been going around almost a year telling everybody that I do collaboration with my dead idol Kippenberger and now they think I'm an idiot. Scheisse.

Finnish Countryside - A Tombstone And A Lake


05 June 2007, Mänttä

There is no place worse than a Finnish village. I've been installing my stuff at Mänttä Art Festival since Friday. Actually, in Finland they call these villages that have a population of few thousand people "towns". It's like the worst of countryside living and the worst of urban living. I could compare it with People's Republic of China's (Molotov) cocktail of the worst of capitalism and the worst of socialism. Despite of the setting, I'm having a great time with the other artists like Ilona, Eemil, Jiri, Kati, Mari and Hans. And the curator is my best friend Jani, so it's almost like being on holiday.